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Published on March 16th, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Alienology Audio launches speakers with 3D printed parts for the Kickstarter campaign

A speaker with superior sound quality is always high on the preference list of the music lovers. And added to that, if the aesthetics are appealing and stylish, why not go for it? Alienology Audio is an LA based startup, which has introduced its colourful and compact line of new 3D printed T3TRA speakers at the Kickstarter campaign last week.

Alienology Audio went on to introduce its speakers saying that their small but powerful speakers are designed to meet user’s requirements of aesthetic appeal and quality sound. These petite tetrahedron-shaped speakers combine a smart structure with funky colors, such as red, green, and orange. SLS 3D printing was used to manufacture the one piece outer body of the speaker. The T3TRA designers maintained uniform density by 3D printing the speaker’s structure, thereby improving its loudspeaker sound. Laser-cut panels made from high-grade birch plywood were used to manufacture the remaining speaker parts.

The speaker’s tetrahedral shape allows transmission of clear and precise musical sounds. The startup explained that rounded edges and lesser sides reduced the standing waves and edge diffraction. All corners are treated to diminish and absorb vibrations and unwanted noise. T3TRA consists of a magnetically shielded speaker area, 3” full range speaker driver with an aluminum concave membrane which helps the T3TRA maintain its low weight.

Alienology Audio has introduced two versions of its T3TRA speaker through its crowdfunding campaign:

• T3TRA ACTIVE, featuring Bluetooth connectivity and built-in 20W amplifier
• T3TRA CLASSIC, a pair without amplification

You can also pick the TETRA ACTIVE STEREO, which comprises of two speakers, one equipped with an amplifier, and a connecting cable. Additionally, the T3TRA speakers’ 3D printed parts are manufactured and assembled manually and tested in Los Angeles, California. As of now, the early bird deals are on and the backers have the chance to get a T3TRA ACTIVE speaker for $155, a pair of T3TRA CLASSIC speakers for $235, and the T3TRA ACTIVE STUDIO set for $295.


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