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Published on March 9th, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Beehex raises $1 million to launch its Chef 3D food printer

Beehex is a California-based food 3D printing founded in 213 by NASA. NASA had initially funded Beehex to create a food making 3D printer. It was planned to install the 3D food printer in space to provide the astronauts with healthy and tasty meals. Things did not work out well and the NASA refrained from making investments in the project, and its partnership with Beehex ended abruptly.

Even though NASA ventured out of the food printer project, Beehex went ahead with its initial plans. The company has raised $1 million to launch the Chef 3D pizza printer. The company will carry out a soft launch in 2017 and cater to some of its premium customers. It aims to direct its business model for towards catering musical concerts and sporting events. Now that the company has raised $1 million in funding, and is supervised by food automation specialist and Donatos Pizza founder Jim Grote. The funds raised will enable BeeHex to soft launch Chef 3D, starting work with few clients throughout 2017.

Jim Grote said that the 3D printer has been perfected in the art of making dough, which could be further used for baking items like biscuits, cookies, bread and more. This could make Chef 3D a preferred food machine for amusement parks, restaurants, retail outlets where less energy will be consumed and the space acquired is also limited. This printer can ideally be installed in places where elaborate setup is not required and people just ‘grab’ a meal and move ahead. The Beehex chef 3D is set to offer numerous varieties of pizza. Though they are initially planning to start with some varieties, they will slowly scale up work and introduce different varieties of toppings. Gluten-free pizza is also on the cards, along with custom-made options for children.


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