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Published on March 24th, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Chinese dental company to showcase its 3D printed dental equipment in the International show in Germany

Shining 3D will showcase its wide range of 3D printing, scanning, and digitization dental equipment at the International Dental Show in Germany this year. Companies from all over the world will present their innovations and latest technologies in this dental show.

Based in Hangzhou, China, Shining 3D was founded 10 years back and is a well-established name today. The company has specialized in the 3D printing industry and has patented 3D scanners, 3D printers, and manufacturing services, also its network cloud platform. Shining 3D was the first drafting unit for the industrial standard for the National White Light 3D Measurement System and was also selected as the Vice-presidential facility for the Zhejiang Industrial Design Association. The company has also provided 3D products for such large international brands as Adidas, Bosch and Intel by collaborating with the Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and the South China University of Technology for R&D Operations.

Shining 3D has opened 10 subsidiary companies in China and now plans to foray in to the markets of the USA and Europe. Shining 3D is working with over 1000 dental hospitals and clinics, bringing in 3D and digital innovations into dental care. Now patients in Europe and the USA will also be availing these dental services.

Shining 3D has manufactured three varieties of dental 3D scanners and three types of dental 3D printers which could prove extremely beneficial to the dental industry. Some of their devices are an IOS (Intra-Oral Scanner), DLP/SLA Resin Dental Printers and an SLM 3D Metal Printer. This 3D printing equipment could be pivotal in Pre-operative planning for jaw surgery, implants and metal crowns, and a range of wax types are available. Shining 3D’s Dental 3D printer makes 70-100 metal crowns in 2 hours, as opposed to the 8-10 hours taken manually.


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