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Published on April 2nd, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Chinese metal 3D printing company launches Zcomplex3, the first Chinese electron beam 3D printing system

Xi’an ZhiRong, a Chinese 3D printing company has recently unveiled the Zcomplex3, China’s first electron metal beam 3D printing machine. The company has also filed for 20 patents related to the printing system.

China’s 3D printing industry is progressing at a slow pace. While countries like North America and Europe have increased advancements and research in this area, China is taking its time to hit the 3D printing bandwagon in an aggressive way. As per the theory of International Data Corporation, the waiting time will end soon. 3D printing will flourish in the Asia-Pacific region by 2018.

As of now, there is some 3D printing activity happening in China. Xi’an ZhiRong has launched the electron beam 3D printing machine Zcomplex3. The 3D printer has features like the high-voltage power supply, dedicated software and a digital control system. In order to protect the IP of the printing system, Zhirong has applied for 20 patents.

These patents are applicable to the several parts of the new electron beam 3D printer, the 60KV / 15Kw electron gun being one of its most significant features, a part that generates the metal-welding electron beam. The Zomplex 3 gun uses “EBVF3 vector technology”, and has a long cathode life for guaranteed safe and consistent processes. Some other features of the printer include the Siemens840D motion control system, an adaptive dual-wire feed mechanism that is used outdoors, a vacuum-enclosed five-axis print bed, and ZSlice 1.0 slicing software. The print bed is huge, printing objects up to 1000 x 600 x 500 mm in volume.

Zcomplex3 is also a welding and metal-repairing machine, and its electron beam can process various materials in the form of wire feedstock. These materials include aluminum alloy, tantalum, titanium alloy, niobium, tungsten, structural steel, and 300 series stainless steel. Electron beam additive manufacturing is similar to selective laser melting (SLM) printing as metal wires or powder is welded together by high-temperature welding electron beam.


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