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Published on March 21st, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Coobx releases its new Exigo 3D printer with LIFT technology

Liechtenstein-based Coobx releases its 3D printer that has an innovating smart method for UV curing of 3D materials, among its other functions. The company has been manufacturing tools and parts for over 20 years and has now come up with its latest offering, the Exigo 3D printer.

Apart from the printing process, users can program the entire production process, from the design to the final manufacturing process in the printer. The power-packed CPU of the printer allows pre-processing and users just have to upload their CAD files into the system. The user can control and change the settings of the printer during use. Once the printing is complete, the object can be polished using the clean-and-cure kit provided in the printer itself.

The printer comes with a special LIFT technology which stands for Light Initiated Fabrication Technology. An advanced technology for stereolithography processes. Marco Schmid, Coobx CEO and head of R&D said that instead of the top-down device like the SLA resin machines, they have used a fully enclosed build chamber, allowing
materials with high viscosities (like thick honey) can be processed with ease.

The Exigo printer is automated to calculate the curing time, intensity and layer height in real time, resulting in a perfect surface finish and high tolerances. The modular structure of the Exigo printer enables easy scaling and integration into existing manufacturing processes. Exigo works at high speeds of 300mm/hour, largely owing to the appropriate resins selected for the task. German materials specialist Dreve guided Coobx for developing the materials, which are customized for the Exigo system. Eight different kinds of resins are available for manufacturing. Two varieties of machines are also available for the medical and industrial manufacturing sectors.

The height of the machine for healthcare sector is 110 mm and that for the industrial sector is 340mm.


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