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Published on March 29th, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

CRP Technology launches Windform RL 3D printing material, the first thermpplastic elstomer in their collection

CRP Technology, the Italian additive manufacturing company has released the 3D printed material-Windform RL, the latest addition to its Windform materials. This material with rubber-like properties is the first thermoplastic elastomer in the Windform line.

Windform RL is ideal for 3D printing parts that require flexibility and have complex geometric shapes. The Windform family currently comprises of eight materials including the impact-resistant Windform FX Black; Windform GT, a polyamide-based glass-fiber reinforced composite; and more.

Franco Cevolini, CEO and Technical Director for CRP Group, said that the Windform RL was created to provide complete customer service. Windform RL was developed to enhance the usability and functionality of other Windform materials, as parts can be attached or bonded together to make up huge structures which have variable properties.

This new material offers users a number of qualities like durability, good chemical, heat resistance, stability and of course a high tear resistance. These characteristics make Windform RL a suitable material for 3D printing end-use parts as well as flexible and rubber-like prototypes.

Windform RL can also be used in the fashion industry for wearables, footwear and in the automotive and motorsport industries. This new 3D printed material can also be used to simulate cast urethane, thermoplastic elastomer, rubber, and silicone parts. The Windform RL Seal Infiltration method strengthens and bind parts 3D printed out of Windform RL, can also be applied. Windform RL Seal Infiltration also offers various color finishes.

Specifications for Windform RL*:
• Shore A hardness: 45 – 80
• Melting point: 190 degrees Celsius / 374 degrees Fahrenheit
• Density: 0.45 g/cm3
• Particle size: 100% < 160 microns
• Tensile strength: 1.5 – 4.2 Mpa / 217.55 – 609.16 psi
• Tensile modulus: 6.5 – 8 Mpa / 942.74 – 1160.30 psi
• Elongation at break: 130 – 160%
* All values are said to increase by 5 to 15% with application of Windform RL Seal Infiltration


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