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Published on March 26th, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

D2W 3D prints red nose caricature for Comic relief for the Red Nose Day campaign

Since 1988, the Red Nose day is held every two years, in the UK to bring people together by means of mirth and laughter. Celebrities perform comic stunts to entertain people and people wear the red noses to signify the day. Comic Relief too comes out with comic campaigns, not just to entertain people, but there are serious reasons behind the campaign’s comical efforts.

Digits2Widgets is a 3D printing and 3D scanning company in London and they claim to have the largest capacity of Nylon SLS (selective laser sintering) in London. This capacity equips them with a short span of 2 days production time and highly consistent results at affordable prices. This time they put their services for Red Nose Day 2017 in the creation of nine bespoke celebrity designs to be worn by them on their noses on the event.

Comic Relief approached Digits2Widgets for designing these special celebrity caricatures which were in the form of 3D printed red noses. D2W took two weeks to design and 3D print these nine roses. By the end of January, Comic Relief was using these roses to promote the event.

Nylon SLS 3D printing and hand printing was decided to be used for the caricatures. The CAD files were then worked upon as the 3D printing largely depends upon the quality of the CAD files. Comic relief sent them excellent bubbly and quirky designs to use for the nose caricatures.

Adobe illustrator was used for the design and certain considerations like the view from the front were taken heed of. D2W used the 3D printers from EOS, using the material Nylon PA2200 powder, which is a white powder on the basis of polyamide 12. The nine noses were hand finishing using painting techniques like the Pantone color profiles. When the noses were ready, Comic Relief was elated with the end results.


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