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Published on March 16th, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Dutch ceramic 3D printer company launches its first 3D metal printer

Admatec Europe BV, the Dutch company that manufactures ceramic 3D printers, has collaborated with the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) to launch a new metal 3D printer: the ADMETALFLEX. It is the latest 3D printer of the ADMAFLEX series, which aims to deliver high-quality metal printed components, will less surface friction, no residual stresses, and ideal features. The 3D printer will be featured at the Additive Manufacturing User Group conference in Chicago later this month.

Michiel de Bruijcker, Managing Director of Admatec, said that with their partnership with ECN and the launch of the ADMETALFLEX, their 3D printer line will gain prominence in the additive manufacturing world. The company has definitely taken a big chance by foraying into the metal 3D manufacturing from the ceramic 3D printing. However, both streams of production require comprehensive knowledge of powder metallurgy, which Admetec has gained from prior production processes.

ECN Director of Engineering and Materials Jaco Saurwalt said that they always wanted to launch a 3D metal printer. They have worked to improve the processing as well as the 3D printer, to extend the current ADMATEC ceramics printing to high-density metals.

The ADMETALFLEX uses the principles of Digital Light Processing (DLP), the same technology as used in its ADMAFLEX 130 ceramic printer. DLP involves the usage of a photosensitive resin, but a combination of debinding and sintering processes have been added in the new 3D metal printer.

Admatec’s new 3D printer is a high-precision machine that produces high-performing metal components that are minute in size. The ADMETALFLEX will 3D print metal components that have been manufactured using traditional shaping technologies like CNC machining or metal injection molding till date.
With Admatec’s plunge into 3D metal printer manufacturing, it is evident that the demand for 3D printed metals is on the rise.


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