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Published on April 9th, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Justyna Stasiewicz, a polish 3D printing jewelry designer tries her hand at designing prosthetics

Polish designer Justyna Stasiewicz is currently studying for a Ph.D., she also runs her own 3D printed Jewelry Company, Stasiewicz jewelry. In a rare balancing act, she is also attached to the Open BioMedical Initiative, a nonprofit dedicated to producing and distributing open source 3D printable prostheses.

We got in touch with Justyna who said that she teaches students to design jewelry in a 3D program. She is an active artist who takes part in numerous exhibitions and jewelry contests every year. In addition, she has her own company (Stasiewicz Jewelry) and also has a blog where she writes about jewelry in Polish and English.

Her first encounter with 3D designing and printing was when she was studying. And then when she got interested in the subject, she has been gaining knowledge about 3D printing since then. She has been experimenting with the new technology and incorporating it into the new designs. She keeps expanding her knowledge to try out new things and innovate interesting 3D designs.

Justyna has started working in the Polish markets and is also open to the global markets. Since her 3D printed jewelry is a new venture, it will take time for her to access how much the Polish market is receptive towards her designs. Though she initially believed that designs made out of 3D printing could not be unique and innovative, it was only after she was introduced to the technology that her thought process changed. She also said that it was important to move ahead with the times and embrace 3D printing as a modern technique of manufacturing.

An avid traveler, Justyna got associated with Open BioMedical Initiative by chance. She uses the portal Couchsurfing and that’s how she met Valentino Megale, who is one of the founders of the Open BioMedical Initiative. Justyna has designed the prosthetic hand TINA where all specifications and measurements of the hand have been provided by Open BioMedical Initiative.


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