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Published on March 29th, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Mercuris, a German-startup,S delivers the world’s first CE-certified 3D printed prosthetic feet

Mercuris, a Munich-based unit of bespoke 3D printed prosthetics, recently delivered the world’s first CE- certified 3D printed prosthetic feet. These prosthetics are called “Nexstep” and carry the CE certification.

Nexstep is now freely available in the market and this prosthetic can be easily customized for the patient used Mercuris’ cloud-based digital design platform. The cloud-based solution, currently in the beta stage, is being tested by medical experts who will provide their opinion and feedback for the final approval. With the CE certification of Nexstep, Mercuris is now well on its way to producing personalized 3D printed prosthetics which are more efficient and provide greater support.

Jannis Breuninger, Mercuris head of product development, said that the company had digitally tailored their first NexSteps to a patient only a week ago. The CAD models were then 3D printed in Germany and delivered to Mercuris for the final completion. The prosthetics will be sent to a medical expert in Eastern Europe. He will use these prosthetics by Mercuris to treat a double-amputee. This young lad was surprised and elated to receive his prosthetics in such a short span of time, where it normally takes at least 3 months to deliver the feet. Mercuris aims to deliver these custom prosthetics to patients in a matter of 48 hours in future.

To obtain CE certification, the 3D printed NexStep prosthetic had to undergo the mechanical long-term durability test, load enduring tests, and more. The prosthetic foot is devised to be resilient and strong and can endure a toe load of up to 8,000 N. The test was performed using simulation with a patient wearing the prosthetic for over three years and then jumping down a number of stairs.

The NexStep prosthetic will be launched at the ISPO World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa between May 8 and 11. Mercuris will also unveil its cloud-based digital tailoring platform at the event.


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