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Published on April 2nd, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Metalysis £20 m funding leads to establishment of a research center of the metal 3D printing company

Metal powder company Metalysis has received a funding of £20m by some private backers. This will aid the company in further strengthening its infrastructure and resources. Out of this amount, about £10 m is spent by the UK-based manufacturer on research center. The research center has been inaugurated in a grand ceremony which saw about 200 distinguished guests present for the opening.

Metalysis is well-known for its 3D printing metal powders like titanium and tantalum. They are produced by a process called FFC which transforms metal ores to metal using electricity, a process which also takes 50% lesser energy compared to other processes. The company works with a commitment to faster, cheaper and greener manufacturing processes and several industry giants have used Metalysis’s products for their 3D printing work. Metalysis now plans to foray into the automotive and aerospace industries, which largely uses 3D printing for manufacturing titanium components.

The Materials discovery Center, the new research center of the South-Yorkshire-based firm, will concentrate efforts towards more advanced research in the area of 3D printing. The firm’s headquarters will be relocated to this new building. About 100 new jobs will be created with the opening of the research center. The growth of the 3D printing company is a boon to the local economy as well as to the UK market as a whole. This growth of Metalysis was quoted as the ”UK’s fourth industrial revolution” by Douglas Caster, chairman of Metalysis. He further said that their technology will benefit the UK market and their team was very excited to see what the coming decade holds for Metalysis. Dion Vaughan, the CEO of Metalysis, associated the company’s success to the region of South Yorkshire, the former home of coal mining and steel-working operations, and the talented manpower base in and around the region.


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