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Published on March 31st, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Orbi Lab launches Milkshake3D printer for creative enthusiasts

The HongKong-based startup Orbi lab has launched its Milkshake3D 3D printer at the Kickstarter campaign. The top-down SLA 3D printer is ideal for artists as it has a high resolution and a relatively large build volume.

Orbi Lab was found by a group of artists and engineers who wanted to build a 3D printer that would suit their customized needs. They work on it for a year and after much changes and refining, their Milkshake3D printer is ready to be launched in the market.

The Milkshake3D printer has a “top-down” printing process thereby which the panel moves downwards, dipping well into the resin vat and providing a better printing process. This printing format is highly recommended for printing objects that require intricate detailing.

The new 3D printer offers high-resolution printing (from 20 to 100 micrometers), and an X/Y resolution as minute as 50 micrometers. It also has a large maximum build volume for an SLA/DLP 3D printer, coming in at 288 x 162 x 160 mm. The print volume can be adjusted in size (from 50μm to 150μm), to adapt for 3D printing minute objects, like jewellery.

The wiper system of the 3D printer provides smooth print surfaces and refills resin, and allows printing in batches, hence leading to saving of time.

The Milkshake3D 3D printer is equipped with powerful slicing software that features a “powerful slicer” (reportedly capable of slicing three times faster than competitors). Other software features include an anti-aliasing level and automatically generated supports. The Milkshake3D slicing software is widely used by ZBrush artists. The SLA 3D printer enables multi-user control and can be operated using web-based control system and offers wi-fi connectivity.

The Kickstarter campaign was launched just a week back and has already raised HK$558,454 (~ $71,895), well above its initial goal of HK$365,300 (~ $47,028).


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