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Published on March 15th, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Simon’s light design gets a 3D printed upgrade

Isoled_V2 is a 3D printed hanging light inspired by a truncated icosahedrons paper light created by Bert Simons, a couple of years ago. This upgrade to the light makes it stronger and much more resilient than its paper version.

Simons was an industrial design student at the Design Academy Eindhoven and has created various projects in the fields of product and interior design. He upgraded his light design to a 3D printed one and his Isoled light is an improved and impressive version, which is the result of combined geometric icosahedron shapes and Arduino programmed LEDs. Simons acquired a 3D printer and started his work of creating a stronger and less vulnerable version of the light. And he also wrote on his website that the paper light he had earlier made was good but was very delicate. Having bought a 3D printer he decided to upgrade it to a plastic version.

The 3D printed Isoled_V2 went through several trials versions and the first version involved a 3D printed icosahedrons structure on which paper pyramid structures could be added. However on seeing the vulnerability of a paper design, he decided on 3D printing the entire structure.

Simons could not 3D print the entire module together hence he decided to 3D print the numerous five- and six-sided truncated pyramids and printed the top covers separately. These were fixed with a click once the printing process was complete. He 3D printed a total of 20 hexagonal truncated pyramids and 12 pentagonal pyramids with subsequent connectors.

Earlier for the paper light, Simons had soldered ws2812 LEDs himself, this time he used a strand of 12 mm diffused RBG LEDs which are powered by an Arduino. These LED lights can be controlled by a knob, a smartphone, and even voice commands. The color and rhythm of the Iso_V2 lights can be adjusted for a variety of moods.


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