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Published on March 31st, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Sindoh and Stanley Black and Decker Launched Their First 3D Printer- Model 1

Stanley Black and Decker are by far the most successful tool manufacturer and also the innovator who has been mastering in its field for more than 100 years now. Also, they have been able to cope with the emerging trends of technology. The brand has recently announced its first 3d printer release. The printer has been developed with the collaboration of Sindoh. This machine will be out soon and target the beginners in the 3d printing industry. Also, the experienced users can also take advantage of the features of this amazing machine.

Speaking of the Model 1, it is an FDM/FFF 3d printing machine which means that it will work efficiently with PLA or ABS filaments. It comes with refillable cartridges that are available in different colors such as red, blues, yellow, white, black, gray, green, etc. This machine is fashioned with automatic filament filling mechanism that you can hardly find in other printers that are available in the price range of Model 1. This feature saves a lot of time since manual filing and spooling and unspooling consumes a lot of time. This machine has got maximum build volume of 200 mm x 200 mm x 185 mm which has been made possible due to the removable print head.

In order to provide utmost assistance to the new users, you will find a comprehensive guide along with Stanley Model 1. It has got a 5-inch color touch screen which displays most of the controls of the machine. Features like leveling and adjustment of the print bed will be highly convenient to operate from the touch screen. Another interesting feature of this machine is that the bed is constantly heated at a certain temperature. When the machine is in cool-down phase, it will prevent it from warping. Therefore, the objects do not stick to the bed and get separated from it very easily while you make an attempt to take it out.

Talking about the connectivity, Model 1 has an amazing level of it. This machine can straightforwardly upload the files from USB device or you can also control it from the remote location via a wireless network. Since the machine has got clear and see through display with built-in camera and LED lighting, you can conveniently monitor the processing and making of the object. This way, you can keep an eye on the object and see if it is being created according to the instructions or not.

Stanley has collaborated with Sindoh for the development of this amazing 3d printer. Sindoh works on the same agenda as Stanley and that is to provide simple functional machines to the 3d printing enthusiasts and entice newer users to lean towards 3d technology. That is why they have created this highly simple yet completely feature rich machine. It has been optimized to be accessible, hassle-free, reliable, quite and safe functioning machine. It has been designed to be a simple desktop 3d printer so that people can easily prototype the designs that they are working on, without any hassle.

This model will be available commercially soon in the market at a cost price of $1325. The brand has decided to feature and list it on Amazon in order to increase the selling horizons and make it available for the wide range of hobbyists and curious 3d printing first timers. If this machine turns out to be successful then it will surely encourage more manufacturers to target this certain demographic. 3d printing has come a long way in different nations by proving its mettle successfully. We are extremely excited to watch it work wonders in the coming time.


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