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Published on March 30th, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

Susie Robinson Got 3d printed jaw transplant and Smiled Again

A group of surgeons from Australia did a surgery and implanted 3d printed jaw bone in a patient. Susie Robinson has suffered various injuries on her face as she had a very unfortunate car accident. Due to the injuries, she was unable to smile. After this successful jaw transplant, she has finally been able to smile.

She was only 20 when she was driving her friend’s car which went off the road and crashed into a tree. However she survived the accident but her face experienced major injury, breaking her jaw in three different places. The injury was so intense that she also had broken teeth and several cuts and lacerations in her mouth.

She was admitted in the hospital and doctors tried treating her by implanting a bridge that could help her jaw to heal. Finally, doctors were convinced that these fixes were ineffective and only a complete jaw implant can help her.

As Robinson clarifies, the specialists took a bone join from her hip and embedded it into her jaw, and utilized her own plasma and pegs to keep it set up. This implantation procedure ended up being burdensome and it apparently took Robinson very nearly a year to appropriately recuperate from it (also, she was without numerous teeth for quite a long time).

At last, this bone implant failed additionally, as it broke and must be expelled amid a subsequent methodology a year ago. It was now that Robinson was placed in contact with Dr. George Dimitroulis from Epworth Healthcare, the condition of Victoria’s biggest not-revenue driven private medicinal services amass. It was he who recommended that a 3D printed embed may be the best arrangement.

As Robinson revealed to Australian press, “When he said to me ‘We are going to 3D print you another maxilla and after that include a few inserts,’ I’m not in reality beyond any doubt what I thought. I presumably just exited in a trance.”
As per Dr. Dimitroulis, a 3D printed maxilla would offer Robinson a straightforward one-stage prepare that would maintain a strategic distance from a hefty portion of the difficulties and a significant part of the inconvenience of her past operations. “You fundamentally come in, we’ll do the surgery which takes under an hour and afterward you’ll be home around the same time with another arrangement of teeth,” he clarified.

The surgery itself included just a couple steps: to start with, making an entry point in the patient’s gum to uncover her jawbone, then embeddings the custom-fit 3D printed titanium embed, and afterward sewing her gums back over the embed (while leaving two open focuses where the dentures could be sunk).

All things considered, the 3D printed embed surgery took around 60 minutes, and the patient was at that point grinning and responsive inside an hour of its fruition. Furthermore, she had parcels to grin about: was her jaw reestablished, as well as the entire operation just cost about $8,000 (which isn’t greatly contrasted with the evaluated $100,000 she had officially spent on her different medicines and surgical techniques).

“It’s stunning,” she said. “I’m only a regular individual, I’m not especially unique, so for that innovation to be accessible for individuals like me, well, that is phenomenal for ordinary individuals.”

Susie Robinson is one of a few patients who have seen the advantages of bespoke 3D printed embed as of late, and she clearly won’t be the last.


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