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Published on March 9th, 2017 | by Geetika Bhasin

US Senator tightens legislation laws for 3D printed guns

The advancement in technology is though done with a vision to serve the mankind; it sometimes becomes a threat to them. The legislation laws surrounding 3D printed guns have been tightened in America so that it becomes easier to detect these guns in security screenings. Senator Bill Nelson has filed legislation with Senator Chuck Schumer to tighten the laws of 3D printed firearms.

In 2013 also a similar law was passed which required 3D printed guns to have metal parts, so that they could be detected in screenings. It would be illegal to manufacture guns that are 3D printed solely using plastic. But the legislation had a keyhole, it was not mentioned that the metal part was detachable or not. This could be used to their advantage by lawbreakers who could remove the metal parts in the security screening and thereby fetch the guns to the places where they intend to use the arms.

Now as per Nelson’s legislation, the arms cannot be totally 3D printed from plastic and require a metal component in the frame or barrel of the gun. He said that they have made changes in the previous legislation which had earlier enabled people to get around the law. With the advancement in technology, people can easily 3D print guns using the 3D printer. This was a major threat to the security of people as these arms could be available anywhere and be harmful to the public.

After two unsuccessful attempts in the past, once in 2013 and then in 2015, the two senators have again introduced the bill. They cited a particular example when a 3D printed gun was confiscated last August at the Reno-Tahoe airport. The TSA agents spotted the gun with a passenger which was fully loaded with five .22 caliber bullets.


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