3D Ware Alpha Plus

3D Ware Alpha Plus is the India’s fastest DLP 3D Printer custom built for Jewelry. Print a platform of rings in less than 30 minutes. Smart Switching Solid State Lighting enhances the life of the LED and prevents it from heating giving seamless production 24*7. Comparing this to the conventional DLP 3D Printers Smart Switching results in a ten fold life increase.

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Alpha Plus Printer is used for prototyping of Jewelry with flexible and castable resins. It doesn’t need any calibration, levelling. It has a long lasting tray 350 prints per tray, it is the highest in it’s class. It helps in continuous production with smooth surface finish. It is beating the competition in the many features when compared with traditional DLP printers.


  • 144 Point Calibration
  • Customize layer height
  • No Failure with the 3D Ware resins
  • Multi-material support
  • 30000 hrs of LED life
  • 100 mm printable in 1 hour

Designed For 

  • Jewelry
  • Engineering & Product Design
  • Manufacturing


  • UV LED Light source
  • Uses 1080 HD Projector
  • Compatible with direct casting Resins
  • High quality Teflon coated tray


Technology Digital Light Processor (DLP)
Platform size 110 mm x 62 mm
X-Y Resolution 60 microns
Material Photopolymer Resin
Build Speed 100 mm per hour
Resins Type Flexible , Castable resins
Precision  accuracy upto 10 microns
Light Source Full HD 1080 LED Projector