3D Ware Zeta 650

Zeta 3D printer is the testament to this with the top-down technology of 3D printing. It doesnot use any tray or flex VAT because of this the supports used are very thin, fine and few in number. This reduces the wastage by 25%.

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Zeta 650 is the latest development of 3D printers that are made in India. With the top-down technology of 3D printing, the Zeta 3D Printer doesn’t use any tray. The biggest virtue of the Zeta 3D Printer is it’s ability to print even the softest wax like Materials which helps jewellers to cast the materials directly into metal without creating any silicone dies.


  • Absence of tray helps to reduce support structures
  • Reduces the wastage of build material
  • Customized build materials for desirable sizes

Designed For 

  • Jewelry
  • Engineering & Product Design
  • Manufacturing


Technology Digital Light Processor (DLP)
Build size 144 mm x 81 mm
Native Pixels ± 37 microns
Slice thickness 10-100 microns
Resins Type General Purpose Resin, Direct Casting Resin(CA W 10, CA W 45)
Max part height 120 mm
power supply 220v
Light Source Full HD LED Projector