Accucraft i250+

India’s first high-performance single extruder 3D printer for quick and easy desktop 3D printing. Divide By Zero’s Accucraft i250+ is a professional single extruder 3D printer, which sports a build volume of 300mm × 250mm × 200mm, marking your first step into the amazing world of 3D printing. 

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Accucraft i250+’s low-noise operation, quick-load functionality, super-fast slicer and industrial-grade build quality ensure fast and reliable print-cycles. Advanced features like SD card, USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi allow seamless connectivity and the built-in camera facilitates remote monitoring of print batches. With a low running cost and an easy-to-use interface, the Accucraft i250+ is built for accuracy, reliability and affordability for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Divide By Zero has meticulously pre-assembled, calibrated and tested the Accucraft i250+ to deliver professional-grade and out-of-the-box 3D printing. The machine is designed for reliability in the production process with a strict focus on precision and durability. With the Accucraft i250+, say goodbye to the complex 3D printer assembly process and say hello to world-class 3D printing.

Accucraft i250+ printer has unmatched precision and reliability. Hassle-free semi auto bed levelling that takes less than a minute to get ready for the next print batch, empowering consistent repeatability and reprints. High endurance and rigid enclosed body design. Multi material compatibility and multiple connectivity options. Remote print monitoring system to empower users to monitor print queues easily from a remote location, giving them full visibility of the entire print process.


Technology FDM
Build Volume 300 x 250 x 200 mm
Accuracy  80-150 micron
Extruders Single
Print Speed Up to 200 mm/s
Noise level <70 dB
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Build Material PLA,ABS,HIPS,PET-G, CARBON FIBRE, Flexible Filaments, Woodfill, Metafill, Polycarbonate etc.
Power Requirements 110-220VAC, 700 Watt PSU
Product Weight 35 Kgs
Product Dimensions 590 x 468 x 455 mm

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