Aion 500 MK3

Aion 500 MK3 is high speed 3D printer which uses a special blend of polymers which can be printed faster than conventional 3D printers. The revolutionary AION 500 MK3 is a high performance, IoT-enabled, massive size 3D printer that offers a professional-level build volume at an affordable price point. 

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Aion 500MK3 is the World’s first servo ball screw based 3D printer laced with high performance liquid cooled extruder that delivers upto 6X throughput compared to industry standards. With its high-speed print engine that can accelerate up to 1.5 G (Bugatti Veyron has 1.55 Gs of acceleration). The printing speed is 10X more than any polymer extrusion based platform anywhere in the world.

Aion 500MK3 is a resource efficient priniter. With the unique X-Y motion system in AION 500 MK3 that moves Z axis as print is being build on stable build platforms, increase 50% printing speed. Safer print by cleaning with active carbon filter, 3D printing firmware–hardware combination ensures adaptive flow & temperature changes in material deposition ensuring better Component strength.

Aion 500 MK3 comes with patented precision filament flow sensor that tracks consumption of the material flow through extruder & compares that with the consumption indicated in the G code. In case of material flow interruption, the machine resolves the condition pro-actively by cleaning nozzle automatically.


Technology FDM
Build Volume 450 x 450 x 450 mm
Accuracy  80-250 micron
Extruders Dual
Print Speed Up to 300 mm/s
Noise level <55 dB
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm/ 0.6 mm/ 0.8 mm
Build Material ABS, PLA, AFPM 2.0
Power Requirements 220V – 10A – 50Hz
Product Weight 280 Kgs
Product Dimensions 955 x 1040 x 925mm

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