Below is a tutorial to explain how to unclog the nozzle. This process works good for UP Plus 2 as well. Nozzle clogging is the most common issue with 3D printers. Nozzle clog can be cleared easily. The person manning the printer should be trained on this and he/she should perform this once every 15 days for better performance of the 3D printer.


1. Your extruder starts making a clicking noise, and can’t extrude filament

2. Your extruder is not extruding properly

Cause: Extruder nozzle is clogged


Step 1: Make sure that the UP software is on the “ABS” setting and not the “PLA” setting under the maintenance window. After this, initialize the printer.




Step 2: Press the withdraw button in the maintenance window

Withdraw Filament

Step 3: After the nozzle finishes its “Withdrawal”, remove the nozzle with the help of the included hex wrench. It is recommended that you wear the included work gloves during this procedure. Always preheat the nozzle before removing it. Never attempt to remove the nozzle when the heater block is cold.

nozzleremoval          Nozzle Removal

Step 4: Press the “Extrude” button, this time with the nozzle removed

Extrude Nozzle

Step 5: If there is molten filament in the nozzle heater, then it is clearly the case of clogged nozzle. So, follow the steps illustrated in Step 6. If there is no molten filament in the nozzle heater, then the problem might be in the extruder assembly.

Extrusion Issue

Step 6: Soak the nozzle in acetone for 24 hours.

Soak Nozzle

After 24 hours, remove any leftover plastic using your tweezers or compressed air.

uncompressed air Unclogging of extruder




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