There are two common diameters of 3D Printer plastic filament, 1.75mm and 3mm. Almost all FDM based 3D printers in the market are of one of these diameters and each 3D printer is designed to work with one diameter of plastic filament and will not work with the other. Some printer manufacturers use proprietary diameters that are slightly different from above listed diameters.

Also, there is a slight error in filament diameters from supplier to supplier. But filaments coming from the same supplier are fairly close. Also, there is a slight discrepancy between the nominal diameters for each size. For 3mm filament, nominal diameter is 2.88mm whereas for 1.75mm filament, nominal diameter is 1.75mm.

Filaments shall also have lumps (i.e. short sections where diameter is larger than tolerances allow) and neck-downs (i.e. short sections where diameter is smaller than tolerances allow). These will often cause jamming or stripping but these are very rare from a quality supplier. So, always buy good quality filaments for longer printer life. Also, some suppliers supply filaments made out of recycled plastic. Such filaments have lot of impurities and don’t extrude properly. So, always opt for filaments made out of virgin plastic.

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