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THINK3D is one of India’s largest integrated 3D Printing service providers offering 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, 3D Designing, CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting & Injection Molding services all under one roof. Our facility is equipped with entire range of 3D Printing machines, 10 CNC Machines, 2 Injection Molding Machines and have a passionate team to serve you. We also have state of art 3D Scanning, 3D Designing, QC labs in-house

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Frequently Asked Questions

CNC mills come in 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis configurations:

Milling is suitable for many different features, including threading, chamfering, slotting, etc. This allows for producing complex designs on a single CNC milling centre with enviable accuracy. The tolerances for CNC machining are around +/- 0.1 mm. The creation of these aforementioned features requires a variety of different milling operations:

  • Surface milling
  • Face milling
  • Angular milling
  • Form milling
  • Profile milling
  • Gear milling, etc.

Tool offset refers to the allowance made by a milling machine to design the cutting tool and shift its position. It ensures the CNC machine is operating on the right part of the workpiece.

Just like other CNC machining services serving their utmost to several industries around the globe, the CNC milling procedures and services are also working to their maximum to facilitate businesses and industries. Depending on the type of machined part, prototype scale, or production line, the following are some of the industries that are directly getting facilitated with the CNC milling services.
  • Electronics industry
  • Medical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Marine industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Machine tool industry
  • Military industry
  • High-tech industry
  • Food industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Semiconductor industry
Hence, CNC milling services are best to give your machined parts and prototypes a new dimension and fits in the big picture. Being a budding machining service, the CNC milling procedures are now carried out in machine shops to give a reliable, strong, and finished custom machined part.
Currently we can handle machined parts up to 850 x 510 x 510 mm.

Turning capabilities of up to 380 mm  in diameter. 

1. Cylindrical parts
CNC turning machines are ideal for creating round or cylindrical parts. Lathes create these parts quickly, accurately and with excellent repeatability.

2. Range of processes
Although generally used for parts of a certain shape, CNC turning can still be used to carry out a variety of cuts, including drilling, boring, threading and knurling.

3. Professional quality
To discover the more general advantages of CNC machining with Think3D, see our CNC machining services page.

Rough turning removes as much material as possible without a focus on accuracy and surface finish, getting the workpiece close to the desired shape. Finish turning “finishes” the process, producing the desired smoothness and accuracy.

CNC turning is used for creating a variety of parts, including auto parts, knobs, tubes, gears, toy parts, flywheels, crankshafts, hubs & disc cams. It is most often used to manufacture parts for automotive, aerospace, medical, and other industries.
We serve the medical, aerospace, oil and gas, energy industries, and others.
Previously we used to have a physical office at IKP, Koramangala but later we closed that space and now we offer CNC Machining services all online. You just have to place an order online, upload the STL files and we shall get back to you with quotation within just 1-2 days time.

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