EinScan Pro+

The EinScan-Pro+ carries on the consistent excellent scanning quality of the EinScan-Pro. It provides multiple scanning modes and delivers simple and fast scanning with its convenient handheld design. EinScan-Pro+ offers an enhanced handheld HD scanning mode by implementing and using an intensive line-scanning strategy. The original 7 data capture lines have been increased to 100 lines. The scanning speed under the handheld HD mode has been increased to 550,000 points/second.

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Scan Mode Handheld HD Scan Handheld Rapid Scan Automatic Scan Fixed Scan
Version Basic Basic Industrial pack (Add-on module) Industrial pack (Add-on module)
Single Scan Accuracy 0.1 mm 0.3 mm 0.05 mm 0.05 mm
Scan Speed 550,000 points/sec 450,000 points/sec Single scan: <2s Single scan: <2s
Point Distance 0.2mm-3mm 0.7mm-3mm 0.24mm 0.24 mm
Part size range (recommended) 100-4000 mm 150-4000 mm 50-150 mm 50-4000 mm
Align Mode Reference point align Feature align Turntable align Referencepoint, feature, turntable  align
Texture scan(Add-on module) No Yes Yes Yes