EinScan SE

EinScan – SE (Elite)

EinScan-SE is a high quality desktop 3D scanner that delivers highly accurate (<= 0.1mm) printable 3D models . It takes less than 8 sec for a single scan and  less than 2 minutes for complete 360 degrees scan . The  EinScan-SE is an upgrade in terms of performance and design from its predecessor Einscan – S.   Einscan – SE has two scanning modes – (a) Free Scan Mode  (b) Automatic Scan Mode. In Free Scan Mode, EinScan-SE can scan upto 700*700*700 mm and in Automatic Scan Mode, it can scan upto 200*200*200 mm.

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Weight 4.9 kgs
Dimensions 570 × 210 × 210 cm
Maximum Scan Volume Auto Scan : 200X200X200, Fixed Scan : 700X700X700
Scan Speed Complete scan 2 min, Single scan 8 sec
Scan Resolution 1.3 mega pixel
Scanning Technology Structured Light – White Light
Ourput file formats Structured Light – White Light
Ourput file formats OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY