EinScan SE

EinScan – SE (Elite)

EinScan-SE is a high quality desktop 3D scanner that delivers highly accurate (<= 0.1mm) printable 3D models . It takes less than 8 sec for a single scan and  less than 2 minutes for complete 360 degrees scan .

The  EinScan-SE is an upgrade in terms of performance and design from its predecessor Einscan – S.   Einscan – SE has two scanning modes – (a) Free Scan Mode  (b) Automatic Scan Mode. In Free Scan Mode, EinScan-SE can scan upto 700*700*700 mm and in Automatic Scan Mode, it can scan upto 200*200*200 mm.

Every scan generates a high-quality 3D data. Reconstruct the real geometry of the object with fine details.Auto meshing to watertight 3D data. Seamlessly connect to 3D printers. It Provides API access service for any brand 3D printers.



Weight 4.9 kgs
Dimensions 570 × 210 × 210 cm
Maximum Scan Volume Auto Scan : 200X200X200, Fixed Scan : 700X700X700
Scan Speed Complete scan 2 min, Single scan 8 sec
Scan Resolution 1.3 mega pixel
Scanning Technology Structured Light – White Light
Ourput file formats Structured Light – White Light
Ourput file formats OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY