EOS P110

All of the 3D printers in the FORMIGA family are among the most reliable and successful industrial 3D printers on the market for polymer materials, and the compact-class FORMIGA P 110 Velocis is an entry-level system for industrial-scale 3D printing. With a 200 x 250 x 330 mm build volume, the Velocis directly uses digital CAD data to produce even the most delicate of polymer parts, with excellent, reproducible surface quality, without the use of tools.

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The systems of the FORMIGA family have always been distinguished by reliability and productivity. At the same time, the running costs are reduced by being confined to the materials and electricity used – no auxiliary materials are needed, keeping operating costs calculably low.  It is possible to produce parts in very high and reliable quality, even with an affordable entry into additive manufacturing. And with EOS, companies have a partner at their side with great experience and all the necessary competencies for AM serial production.

The improvements to the FORMIGA P 110 that resulted in the Velocis have helped to further optimize the 3D printing process, lowering its non-productive time and introducing superior part mechanics. It features an improved, accelerated heating system and re-coating process, and uses software control to preheat the polymer materials with a 30 watt laser beam at a higher rate of speed. Speaking of materials, users of the FORMIGA P 110 Velocis can choose from nine commercial polymers, and 10 combinations of materials and layer thicknesses. Additionally, an intuitive user interface makes this industrial 3D printer user-friendly. Optional accessories include a mixing station, a blasting cabinet, and an unpacking and sieving station.

The process software (PSW) controls the EOS System. An option of the PSW is the EOS ParameterEditor which allows the exposure parameters to be changed for each specific material. The new software update PSW 3.8 allows to optimize various previously preset process parameters to suit the special requirements of different parts. These extended setting options allows to adapt the parameters in steps to the requirements in order to increase the productivity of the system, to save costs or to improve the quality of the parts.


Build volume 200 mm x 250 mm x 330 mm
(7.9 x 9.8 x 13 in, excl. pyrometer measurement spot)
Building speed (depending on material) up to 20 mm height/h (0.79 in/h)
Layer thickness (depending on material) 0.06 mm (0.0024 in), 0.1 mm (0.0039 in), 0.12 mm (0.0047 in)
Support structure not required
Laser type CO2, 30 W
Precision optics F-theta lens
Scan speed during building up to 5 m/sec (16.4 ft/se.)
Power supply 16 A
Power consumption 2 kW
Nitrogen generator incl. external nitrogen connection integrated
Compressed air supply min. 6,000 hPA (87 psi); 10 m3/h (13.08 m3)
Software EOS RP Tools (optional); Desktop PSW
Data Format STL (optional: converter to all common formats)

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