Poly Carbonate(PC) is a thermoplastic material which has many applications in the industry due to its strength and optically transparent nature. Please click on the below icons to go to the respective sections

Physical Properties

  1. Impact strength
  2. Temperature resistance
  3. Durable
Parameter Value
Tensile Strength 57 MPa
Izod Impact (Notched) 73 J/m
Tensile Elongation at yield 2.2 %
Flexural Strength 89 MPa
Hardness 115 Rockwell R
Elongation at Break 4.8%
Flexural Modulus 2234 MPa

Other Properties

Deflection Temperature 138 ⁰C
Vicat Softening Point 139 ⁰C
Glass Transition Temperature 147 ⁰C
Specific Gravity 1.2

3D Printing Details

Technology FDM
Possible Post Processing Sanded, glued, painted, applied primer
Molding Shrinkage 0.5-0.7 %
Accuracy ±0.05mm


  1. Snap-fits
  2. End-use components
  3. Jigs and fixtures
  4. Concept modelling
  5. Form, fit, and function testing

Design Guidelines