Z – PLA Filament

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Physical Properties

Adheres well to a variety of surfaces, Finer feature detail possible on a well calibrated machine, Prone to curling of corners and overhangs, More brittle, Can be bonded using adhesive.
Tensile Strength
50 MPa

Flexural Yield Strength

80 MPa
90 Rockwell R
Elongation at Break

6 %

Flexural Modulus4 GPa

Other Properties

Deflection Temperature
88 ⁰C
Vicat Softening Point100 ⁰C
Max operating temperature88 ⁰C-89 ⁰C
Density 1.25 g/cm³

3D Printing Details

Possible Post Processing
Sanded, glued, painted, applied primer
Melt Flow6-78 g/10 min


  1. Food Containers
  2. investment casting
  3. consumer products
  4. medical

Design Guidelines



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