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Einscan Pro is a new portable and light-weight handheld scanner from Shining3D, the makers of Einscan – S.
The Einscan Pro is quite versatile and can be used in four modes – ‘Handheld HD Scan’, ‘Handheld Rapid Scan’ , ‘Automatic Scan’ and ‘Free Scan’. These modes provide you with the flexibility to scan wide range of objects. In the combination with the add-on device ‘color pack’ you can extract texture information along with the geometry of the objects. With the ‘Industrial pack’ which consists of a turntable and a tripod, the scanner can be used as a stationary scanner to achieve higher accuracy. Einscan Pro is a perfect scanner for scanning humans to make miniatures.

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Product Description

EinScan Pro is equipped with texture scan function capable of capturing full colour 3D data of the object. In handheld scan mode, the scan speed is 10 frames/s. The Automatic scan and free scan mode single scan takes less than 2s.


Scan ModeHandheld HD ScanHandheld Rapid ScanAutomatic ScanFree Scan
VersionBasicBasicIndustrial pack (Add-on module )Industrial pack (Add-on module )
Scan Accuracy0.1mm0.3mm0.05mm(single scan)0.05mm(single scan)
Scan speed15 frames/s10 frames/sSingle scan: <2sSingle scan: <2s
Point distance0.2mm-2mm0.5mm-2mm0.16mm0.16 mm
Part size range (recommended)0.03-4m0.15-4m0.03-0.15m0.03-4m
Align modeReference point alignFeature alignTurntable alignReference point, feature, turntable align
Texture scan(Add-on module )NoYesYesYes


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