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Flashforge Inventor is the upgrade version of the Flashforge Dreamer Series which includes an increased build height to the twin extruder and fully enclosed printing chamber with automatic temperature control. New technology includes onboard camera to monitor 3d prints from any mobile device. Also an automatic print resuming feature has been included.

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Flashforge Inventor is the upgrade version of the Dreamer equipped with many versatile features like onboard camera and greater build height to the twin extruder, heated bed and fully enclosed printing chamber.


  • Print Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
  • Build Volume: 228 x 150 x 160 mm
  • Printing Material: ABS/PLA/PVA/HIPS/Composite Materials
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Layer Resolution: 50-400 microns
  • Positioning Precision: XY: 11 microns, Z: 2.5 microns
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.04mm
  • Printing Speed: 24 cc/h
  • Extruder Temp.: 0-240°C
  • Heated Built Plate Temp.: 0-120°C
  • Connectivity: USB Cable/SD Card/WiFi
  • Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Software: FlashPrint
  • Supported File Type: STL/OBJ



What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is the process of converting a three dimensional digital file into the physical object by depositing material layer by layer. 3D Printing is the simplest, safest & quickest way of creating physical objects.

How can 3D Printing be applied to education?

3D Printing helps in creation of visual aids for students to master the topics. It enhances creativity & visualization ability of the students. One can create a 3D model in various open source 3D design softwares and can then use 3D printer to print that 3D model. Teachers can come up with custom visualization aids like solar system for better delivery of the content. When students are engaged, they are better able to discover their talents and develop the mental resources they need to think critically.

Many schools, colleges & universities are adopting to 3D Printing in a big way and it is made mandatory by Government Of India to have 3D Printer in every major university.

Is 3D Printing safe?

3D Printing is extremely safe if certain precautions are followed. One shouldn't touch the hotend and shouldn't put finger during the gantry movement. More than the 3D Printing, it is 3D filaments that one should be careful about. These 3D filaments release fumes when melted and over-exposure may lead to some eye irritation in some people. The fumes aren't in anyway hazardous. So, one can be rest assured that 3D Printing is very safe. 

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1.75 mm


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