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Sintratec S1 Sintratec S2


Selective laser sintering (SLS) uses a laser to precisely fuse nylon powder into lightweight, robust parts. Sintratec S1 enables the 3D printing of detailed, functional parts suited for professional and industrial use. You can print functional parts without support structured in High-Resolution, to an affordable price. With Sintratec S2, the new scalable compact system, you can turn your ideas into reality within a short period of time, layer by layer, at high speed. The modular SLS production system can be expanded as needed, and adapts perfectly to your needs. Harness previously unimagined potential in professional prototyping and optimize your applications.

Build volume

130 x 130 x 180 mm 160x160x400 mm

Layer resolution

50 – 100 microns

60 microns

Particle Size

60 microns avg(PA12)

50 microns avg (TPE)

60 microns avg(PA12)

50 microns avg (TPE)


 Sintratec PA 12, Sintratec TPE Sintratec PA 12, Sintratec TPE


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