The Aha Star

Presenting the Aha star! A family of large Industrial 3D printers. Named after the symbol ★ for “everything” in computing, this is the final answer to what a 3D printer should be. Tailor made to tick every point in your wishlist for the ultimate FFF machine, it is the gist of the experience of Aha3D, India’s oldest and deeply seasoned 3D printer design house. It is the 3D printer we have been working to offer you. And today we do it with pride and joy to create Aha moments for you!

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Modular design, fully customizable and upgradeable. Free remote software upgrades for life.


Options to go down to 4 microns positional accuracy.


Proven 24x7x365 operations in industry setup.


Accepts multiple materials. Fully customizable and upgradeable at any time. No hard installation. No special requirements..


Developed and manufactured in India, backed by experienced staff to ensure zero downtime.


Get upto 10 times faster rate of production than other 3D printers of similar segment. Customized options available to go even higher.

Aha Star Features

Configurable build volume

The star is made-to-order to your precise build volume requirements, and can be as small as 500 x 500 x 500 cubic mm, to as large as 2.25 x 2.25 x 2.25 cubic meters, and everything in between!

This means that, depending on your application, you can order the right star for general prototyping jobs (a perfect cube), foundry patterns and moulds generation (square cuboid where large height isn’t required), automobile parts (more wide than tall, to accommodate parts like bumpers and dashboards), aerospace components (more tall than wide to produce tubular structures and blades), medical prosthetics applications (more tall than wide) and everything else, including your business.

Interchangeable tool heads

The tool head is what brings the core “making” functionality to the Aha Star. It specifies what materials can be used for the job, the speed of material deposition, the number of materials that can be used simultaneously, and how can the machine can recover from material flow errors when they happen

For more details, read on:

The basic toolhead

The basic toolhead is the entry-level option, to get you started with the Aha Star. It features air-cooled radiation, and offers a material deposition rate of 15 cc per hour. You can use plastics upto a melting point of 300 degrees C.

The  standard toolhead

The standard toolhead unlocks the power of the Aha Star, and features a high-flow rate material output option of a respectable 150 cc per hour. It features nozzles with a working temperature of upto 500 degrees C, so basically you can use all the imaginable thermoplastics with the Standard toolhead.

Customized toolhead

A customized toolhead depending on your requirements can be developed and used with the Aha Star! Sky is the limit, literally. Think speed, colours, materials, composites, clay, plastic pellets, cement, chocolate, or any application that you have in mind!

Temperature controlled bed and build chamber

High-performance engineering plastics like ABS, PC and Ultem are challenging to process because they undergo deformations like warpage, shrinkage and delamination while 3D printing.

To achieve great results with such materials, the Aha Star offers you a temperature controlled bed and build chamber. This enables maintaining the perfect environment for the material being printed, both during and after printing, ensuring accurate and strong prints even with the most challenging of the materials.

Choice of servo drive systems

The drive system moves the tool head as per design to be created. Conventional 3D printers use “stepper” drive system, which makes the tool head move accurately, but can’t notice the motion that is actually happening. It blindly executes the commands coming from the design program, heedless of real-world motion errors.


Technology FFF
Build volume 500×500×500 mm cube to 2.25×2.25×2.25 meter cube,
each dimension user-selectable from 500,750,1000,1500,2250 mm
Filament diameter 3 mm (standard)
Number of extruders Basic toolhead:2
Standard toolhead:2
Customized toolhead: 3 or more(as per users requirement)
Layer Height 100 to 500 microns (standard)
Rate of Production Basic toolhead:upto 15cc per hour
Standard toolhead:upto 150 cc per hour
Maximum Extrusion temperature Basic toolhead:300ºC
Standard toolhead:500ºC
Toolhead cooling Basic toolhead: air cooled
Standard toolhead: liquid cooled
Build platform Temperature contolled upto 150°C
Build chamber Temperature contolled upto 100°C
Highlights Large build volume+Aha Sense OS
Known for Latest technology, industrial reliability, budget friendly.
Machine performance parameters Status and counters for useful machine and job parameters.
Machine self monitoring Machine performs preventive maintenance based on sensor inputs and software logic.
Automatic error handling Automatic handling of filament errors, motion errors power cuts, manual and automatic print interruptions.
Software upgrades Functionality enhancements via regular software upgrades, free for life.
Power requirement 220 V AC, single or three phase (based on specifications)
Power consumption For 5 KW to 25 KW (based on specifications)
Special operational requirements None.

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