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We are here to offer you high quality 3D modeling services. Hand over your sketches, mockups or just elaborate the vision in your head and we transform them into excellent 3D models. We have a team of certified and well experienced 3D artists with expertise in various 3D modeling softwares to help turn your ideas into reality.

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Fundamental driver for outsourcing CAD services is the same as that for any other business process outsourcing. Outsourcing is done if the company doesn’t have core competency in CAD services, if the company has an one-off requirement and doesn’t want  a full time employee, if the company wants to bring down the cost by outsourcing non-core activities and focus only on core activities. Any of these reasons can propel the company to outsource CAD services. From our experience, outsourcing the CAD services will result in much better quality output and 30% – 40% lower cost to the company.

Hoping that you have decided to outsource you CAD modeling services, one fundamental reason to choose think3D over other CAD modeling services is our expertise in CAD modeling. We have a highly specialized team that can delivery high quality CAD models within the stipulated time period. As we work with customers from various industries, we have clear idea of customer requirement and deliver output accordingly.

Each project is very unique and requires varying timelines. Thus we can’t provide costing without knowing the customer requirement. Therefore for every project we provide a proposal for client’s approval. Projects are generally billed on a lump sum based on our estimation of the total number of hours it takes to finish the project.

For time being, we don’t have plan to provide on-site CAD technicians. Our competitive advantage lies in having a centralized services center where regular know-how transfer happens between teams. If you have any such requirement, just let us know. If it is a very long term assignment, we may consider it.

Please send image files in .pdf, .tif or .gif format.

Our email system can handle file up to 20Mb. If the size of the files exceeds this, an ftp site is available to aid in the transfer of files. Additionally, we use the Dropbox cloud based ftp system for fast efficient sharing of files.

We have a very secure network well protected with firewalls and updated anti-virus software. Additionally, all document storage is well protected and no unauthorized person is allowed to enter the premises. A secure dedicated ftp server is utilized for data transfer of large files and data storage devices are password protected.

We understand our client’s concerns regarding confidentiality. All data provided by the client will be kept confidential and will be the property of the client. Our firm and staff agree that no information regarding the project will be disclosed to any third party, without the prior consent of the client. If requested by the client, we have no issues signing a non-disclosure agreement for any project.