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“From idea to a physical product” is a highly complex & error prone journey involving multiple technologies, processes, vendors, know-how and lot of capital. Many young innovators and MSMEs get overwhelmed by the complexity involved and drop off mid way. At THINK3D, we address this shortcoming by offering one-stop solution for all product development needs. We are a digital native manufacturing firm providing seamless experience to the next-gen innovators in their product development journey. In other words, we “enable innovation in India” through low volume production. 

Why Choose Us

In an industry that is notorious for delays, cost overruns and low quality output, THINK3D has built robust systems and processes to mitigate those challenges faced by customers on regular basis. With an in-house ERP solution, highly trained workforce and state of art facility, we could minimize the delays and cost overruns. The recognition we received from XOMETRY, world’s largest on-demand manufacturing platform is a testimony for the quality of our service. 

How THINK3D Works

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We take care of all the operations and logistics hassle, making sure that your parts are delivered before time.

THINK3D Advantage

At THINK3D, we have wide range of  capabilities offered through single, easy-to-use platform so you spend less time sourcing parts and more time on design innovation.

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Our Manufacturing Processes


With all 3D Printing technologies under one roof, THINK3D offers an industry-leading 3D printing service. Whether you need prototypes or production parts, we can make them for you on demand in as fast as a day. We have FDM, SLA, SLS, MJF, DMLS 3D Printing technologies all in-house. We also have state-of-art paint room and post processing section to give the perfect post processed finish to the parts. We are your one-stop-shop for accurate, precise, custom 3D printed parts at an affordable price. 

With a dedicated team of design professionals, THINK3D offers state of art 3D modeling services for both organic and inorganic models. We use Solidworks, Unigraphics, ZBrush, Maya tools to provide high quality design services. Whether you are an architect, interior designer, building contractor, product manufacturer, we have solution to suit your specific requirement.

Vacuum Casting

At THINK3D, we offer a complete turnkey solution for creating master patterns and cast copies based on your CAD designs. We use SLA 3D Printing to make master patterns and then use these master patterns to make high-quality molds. We also offer a full line of finishing services including painting, sanding, pad printing and more. We’ll help you create parts for showroom quality display models, engineering test samples, crowdfunding campaigns and more.

Vacuum Casting

Injection Molding

With 14 Injection Molding machines present in-house, we provide injection molding service for various quantities and for different kinds of plastic materials. With the combined power of cutting-edge machinery and high-end technology, THINK3D exceeds customer expectations in terms of quality and delivery time. The infrastructure of THINK3D’s plastic injection molding manufacturing unit includes 14 high-precision, conventional injection molding machines with a range varying from 50 tons to 650 ton. All machines are supplemented with hopper driers, temperature controllers and hot runners.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

At THINK3D, we have great capacity and high end machines to offer high quality sheet metal fabrication services at affordable price. You also have access to our team of knowledgeable engineers to optimize part designs to trim your production time and launch products faster. THINK3D is your go-to company for all sheet metal fabrication services in India. 

With state of art 3D Printing facility in-house, we offer FDM, SLA, SLS, MJF, DMLS 3D Printing services all in-house.

New Product Development

Have an idea but wondering how to convert it into a physical product? Struggling to get product form, fit, function, price optimised to be competitive in the market? Looking for one stop shop for all your product design and development needs? We are here to help you. With an experienced team of industrial designers from NID Ahmedabad, state-of-art manufacturing facility comprising 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, Injection Molding technologies and deep tech expertise in AI/ML, IOT, PCB schematic, fabrication, assembly and software development, we can help you realise your product development needs. Contact Us to learn more.



Think3D has been a great partner for us in supplying COVID-19 test cartridges on-time despite the pandemic challenges. When we came up with a new requirement needing a workforce of more than 25 people, think3D took up the challenge and arranged the workforce within 2 days. I highly recommend think3D for any manufacturing needs.

Jay Krishnan
Production In-Charge, Molbio

As a professor doing research on new materials, I needed a strong industry partner to assist us. think3D perfectly fit that bill. think3D team is highly knowledgeable on all manufacturing technologies and the team is very prompt in responding to all our requests. My research has been very successful, thanks to think3D team.

Dr. Karthik Chetan V
Asst. Professor, BITS Pilani

We found issue with one part at the time of assembly and needed a quick replacement. think3D team has quickly responded to our request, redesigned the part and printed it using metal 3D Printing and delivered in 3 days time. The part came out really well and the design was better than that of the actual one.

Rama Krishna
Senior Manager (IMM), BDL


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