THINK3D is proud to have worked with VOLTRAN, an EV charging startup in supplying components for the DC 60 KW chargers developed by VOLTRAN to be deployed across various locations in India.

VOLTRAN is an EV charging startup founded by the founders of THINK3D. Having mastered the various manufacturing processes over the last 8 years, THINK3D management team decided to launch its own product. That culminated in setting up a new company, VOLTRAN ELECTRIC LLC to set up EV fast charge hubs across highways in India. For these fast charge hubs, VOLTRAN has taken assistance of THINK3D to manufacture components for the DC fast chargers. THINK3D has done the sheet metal work for the chassis, bus bars and CNC machining of the various components. With the expertise gained, THINK3D is now confident to serve the booming EV market. 

About VOLTRAN: VOLTRAN is an EV charging startup founded by the founding team of THINK3D. VOLTRAN is into setting up DC Fast Charge hubs across highways in India. Each hub consists of 5 60KW DC fast chargers, a lounge facility, restroom and office space. Each hub is open 24/7, so customers can comfortably drive on the highways without having this range anxiety. The first hub is coming up at Suryapet on Hyderabad – Vijayawada highway. At VOLTRAN, we shall also install DC fast chargers for customers looking to set up DC fast chargers at their locations. Please visit to learn more.  

About THINK3D: THINK3D was founded in the year 2014 with a mission to democratize 3D Printing in India. The company slowly expanded into CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Sheet Metal, Vacuum Casting to become a full fledged manufacturing company. In 2018, the company has set up a state-of-art manufacturing facility in Visakhapatnam with various industrial 3D Printers, CNC Machines, Injection Molding machines all at one place. Please visit to learn more.


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Hi This is Harsha vardhan ,from ANDHRA PRADESH . I am trying to start a charging station .can u please tell me how much it cost to take u r voltran station.

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