think3D Promise

think3D is India’s largest and most comprehensive 3D printing platform. At think3D, our motto is to help customers incorporate 3D printing technology into their existing processes to improve efficiency. So, we spend lot of time with our customers to understand their requirement before suggesting suitable 3D printers. At think3D, we strive by these five fundamental tenets

(a) Best Price & Wide Range:

At think3D, we offer a wide range of 3D printers at best possible prices. Each printer is carefully vetted by our specialist team for performance, reliability, customer service standards of the manufacturer. Only then will the printer be listed on our website. The printers we list cover the wide ranging requirements of the customers. In other words, we have a printer for every customers’ need. All our printers are competitively priced and if one considers the total cost of ownership, think3D prices will be the lowest as we offer lot of pre and post sale services to ensure that you get the maximum value out of your investment.

(b) Customer Support:

At think3D, we offer excellent customer support to our potential and existing buyers. As 3D printing has universal application, many a lot of times we receive industry specific questions which are beyond our scope. Yet, our technical and customer support teams do research and get back to customer in few days time with the answer to their question.

We keep our customers posted at each stage of order cycle and we shall also maintain regular communication with our customers (post delivery) giving them some tips and tricks on 3D printing technology.

(c) Regular Workshops:

We conduct regular workshops at universities, companies or open sessions to spread awareness on 3D printing technology in India. Most of these are free workshops and are aimed at people who heard of 3D printing but haven’t experienced the technology. Click here to find out upcoming workshops and register for the same. If you want us to conduct a workshop at your location, please send us an email at

(d) Buyer Guides:

In our endeavour to provide maximum information to our customers and assist them in taking right decisions, we constantly publish training material and buyer guides on various 3D printers. These guides include 3D printing FAQ, properties of various 3D printers, unpacking process and so on.

Summing it all, we, at think3D confidently claim that we are the best 3D printing player in India. Reach out to us to experience it by yourself. Send us an email at or call us at 040-30911007.