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For every manufacturing process, accurate geometric and physical dimensions are important. There are two methods people use for such purpose. One is the conventional method that involves the use of measuring hand tools or optical comparators. However, these tools require expertise and are open to lots of errors. The other is the use of a CMM machine.

CMM machine stands for Coordinate Measuring Machine. It is a tool that can measure the dimensions of a machine/tool parts using coordinate technology. The dimension open to measurements include the height, width and depth in the X, Y, and Z axis. Depending on the CMM machine’s sophistication, you can measure the target and record the measured data


The traditional method of measuring parts has many limitations. For example, it requires experience and skill from the operator inspecting the parts. If this is not well represented, it can lead to the supply of parts that are not good enough.

Another reason is in the sophistication of the parts that are produced in this century. Development in the technological sector has led to the development of more complex parts. Therefore, a CMM machine is better used for the process.

The CMM machine has the speed and accuracy to repeatably measure parts better than the traditional method. It also increases productivity while reducing the tendency of having errors in the measuring process. The bottom line is that knowing what a CMM machine is, why you need them, and using them will save time, money and improve your company’s reputation and image.



Portable Coordinate Measuring Machines (PCMMs) have revolutionized the manner in which metrology can be used  in manufacturing and industrial settings. Exact Metrology can come directly to you and perform measurement tasks and analysis right on the shop floor or inside any plant environment.

Traditional Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) use a fixed granite table with a gantry or bridge style superstructure featuring two legs and attached touch probe. X, Y and Z linear axes are travelled when measuring. Portable CMMs generally take the form of an articulated arm—having six or seven rotary axes with rotary encoders.

Ideal usage for PCMMs would include certain non-repetitive applications such as reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and large scale inspection of low volume parts.



Geomagic® Control X is a professional 3D quality control and dimensional inspection software that lets you capture and process the data from 3D scanners and other portable devices to measure, understand, and communicate inspection results to ensure quality everywhere. Inspection isn’t just for metrology specialists. Geomagic Control X empowers everyone to measure, understand, and make decisions about their parts faster, more often, and more completely—from anywhere.


PolyWorks|InspectorTM is a universal 3D dimensional analysis and quality control software solution to control tool or part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly building through real-time measurements, and oversee the quality of assembled products by using portable metrology devices and CNC CMMs.

Artec Studio:

Industry acclaimed software for professional 3D scanning and data processing. Artec Studio features the most advanced 3D data algorithms which give you high precision in your results, while at the same time make 3D scanning intuitive and user-friendly.

Hexagon Metrology:

PC-DMIS, Pro, CAD++, Touch PC-DMIS is the world’s most popular CMM software for the collection, evaluation, management and presentation of manufacturing data. Our software is standard on Hexagon Metrology measurement devices and is also available on a wide range of non-Hexagon equipment. Use it to fully leverage your manufacturing process and build truly lean systems. PC-DMIS Portable brings powerful metrology tools to the shop floor.

GOM Inspect:

GOM Inspect is a software for analyzing 3D measuring data from fringe projection or laser scanners, coordinate measurement machines (CMM) and other measuring systems. The GOM software is used in product development, quality control and production.

Case studies

Minimum Wall thickness: 1.2 mm

Minimum details size: 2 mm (for text/ hole diameters etc)

Layer thickness: 0.1 mm – 0.3 mm

Max dimensions: 650 x 600 x 600 mm. Large parts can be created with assembling individual parts by interlocking designs or glueing together. 

Standard Accuracy: ± 0.3% (with lower limit on ± 0.3 mm).

Lead Time: Minimum 2 working days for despatch

Surface finish: visible layers with texture.



Think3D has been a great partner for us in supplying COVID-19 test cartridges on-time despite the pandemic challenges. When we came up with a new requirement needing a workforce of more than 25 people, think3D took up the challenge and arranged the workforce within 2 days. I highly recommend think3D for any manufacturing needs.

Sanket Srivatsav
Production In-Charge, Molbio

As a professor doing research on new materials, I needed a strong industry partner to assist us. think3D perfectly fit that bill. think3D team is highly knowledgeable on all manufacturing technologies and the team is very prompt in responding to all our requests. My research has been very successful, thanks to think3D team.

Dr. Karthik Chetan V
Asst. Professor, BITS Pilani

We found issue with one part at the time of assembly and needed a quick replacement. think3D team has quickly responded to our request, redesigned the part and printed it using metal 3D Printing and delivered in 3 days time. The part came out really well and the design was better than that of the actual one.

Rama Krishna
Senior Manager (IMM), BDL


Frequently Asked Questions

These unique pieces of technology will save your company time and money. As manufacturing becomes more refined and parts are made more complex, the requirement for accurate and precise measurement services become more and more mandatory. This is where CMM Inspection Services  can offer your company the results you need. Whether you choose a Portable, Bridge or Gantry CMM, you can say goodbye to having to depend on a dimensional lab or needing to take large parts away from the shop floor. You and your company can enjoy accurate results, in a small amount of time.

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a device used in the measurement of the physical geometrical characteristics of an object.

These machines can be manually controlled by an operator or they may be computer controlled. Measurements are defined by a probe attached to the third moving axis of this machine. A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is also a device used in manufacturing and assembly processes to test a part or assembly against the design intent.

A CMM (coordinate measuring machine) inspection is where objects for products can be inspected for quality and measured. … It can measure a single point in a 3D shape or the whole shape.

A classic, bridge-style coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) accurately measures the geometry of an object along X, Y and Z axes using a touch-trigger, scanning or vision probe to take a series of precise points on the surface of an object.

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a device for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of an object.” “Dimensional inspection is used in process control; its results adjust the parameters of. the manufacturing process to achieve the desired outputs.

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Parts

Typically, most CMMs are bridge or gantry-types as seen in the diagram. The spherical contact point attached to the tip of the probe is applied to the object on the stage, and the coordinate values in three dimensions (X, Y, Z) are specified and measured.

There are four types of CMMs, so let’s talk about them.
  • Bridge Type CMM. The first type of CMM is also the most common. …
  • Gantry Type CMM. Gantry-style CMMs are used for large products such are automobiles where the floor itself can serve as a datum. …
  • Cantilever Type CMM. Next are cantilever machines. …
  • Horizontal Arm.

A common use of CMMs is in manufacturing and assembly processes to test a part or assembly against the design intent. In such applications, point clouds are generated which are analysed via regression algorithms for the construction of features.

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a device used in the measurement of the physical geometrical characteristics of an object. … A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is also a device used in manufacturing and assembly processes to test a part or assembly against the design intent.

Accuracy & able to measure complex geometries.

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