Terms And Conditions Human Miniatures

1. This offer is applicable only for human miniatures. For other forms like animals, objects costs are additional.
2. Only one design iteration will be done after 3D Modelling & Texturing. Additional iterations aren’t included in the declared price point.
3. The 3D Model doesn’t exactly reflect the actual image. It will be a close reference to the actual one.
4. Extra charges will be added if additional iterations / highly detailed features are required in the model. This will be decided & communicated to the customer on a case-to-case basis.
5. Order payment is strictly non-refundable.
6. Front, Left, Right, Back images of the person are mandatory to create the 3D model.
7. Images should be very detailed without any obstruction to the face features.
8. The delivered part doesn’t carry any warranty and keeping it away from water / other liquids is solely the responsibility of the customer.