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think3D is a 3D printing company founded in June 2014 by Prudhvi Reddy and Raja Sekhar Upputuri, two BITS Pilani batch mates with MBA degrees from IIM Kolkata and China Europe International Business School, Shanghai respectively. After 15 years of working in education, technology and startup space, they both came together to promote 3D printing technology in India.

The genesis of think3D started when Prudhvi shared an YouTube video on 3D printing that he came across with Raja Sekhar Upputuri. Both got so enamored by the video and technology that both decided to come together and start one company in 3D the space. Founders strongly believe that 3D printing technology will disrupt the entire manufacturing industry.

The mission of think3D is to bring 3D printing technology within the reach of a common man in India by building useful applications around 3D printing technology and by creating awareness in the market on 3D printing technology. think3D can be considered a one-stop shop for all things 3D. It primarily comprises of 5 major sections.

(a) Latest News: Inline with its mission to create awareness on 3D printing technology in India, think3D team has built a news section to cover all the latest happenings in 3D printing space across the world. This includes all the new developments in 3D space, investments, interesting applications, companies, founders, events and so on. This news section acts as a primary tool to create awareness on 3D printing technology in India.

(b) Printer Store: In the e-commerce section, all the latest 3D printers, various materials and spares are put for sale online. think3D has a wide variety of printers to suit the needs of a cross section of industries like manufacturing, education, real estate and so on. think3D has India’s largest online store for 3D printing.

(c) Training: For any technology to become accessible to common man, strong training programs to educate the enthusiasts on 3D printing uses and  how to operate devices is very essential. At think3D, various online and offline programs are conducted to create awareness on 3D printing technology, its usage and various other such aspects.

(d) Designs: 3D Designs remain the most fundamental aspect of 3D printing. 3D designs are the source from which 3D models are printed. Think3D lays huge emphasis on creating a strong IP of high quality designs.  These designs are uploaded to think3D website. Customers can either download the designs and print the 3D models by themselves or get the 3D models printed through think3D. Designs can also be submitted by members of the community. This design category covers everything from toys and figurines to gadgets and fashion accessories.

(e) Print on demand: Many companies need 3D miniature models of their projects but don’t have designer team to create the models and the printers to print those models. Print On Demand is to cater to such needs of the customers. Customers can request a model to be designed into a 3D printable object and also get it 3D printed as a service.


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