“Because lifetime cost of owning a product or availing a service from think3D is the lowest in the market”

Why choose us? – This is a question we have asked ourselves multiple times over the last 18 months. Why should customers choose us over other 3D printing companies in India? What additional value are we providing customers? How are we different from multitude of small 3D printing companies sprouting up everywhere? This constant questioning led to a series of initiatives to provide great value to the customers. Few of these initiatives are clearly visible to customers but many more operate in the background to provide delightful experience to our customers. Here is an attempt to enumerate few of those initiatives to help potential customers take informed decisions when choosing the supplier.

(a) Highly qualified team

think3D is launched by 3 BITS Pilani graduates with MBAs from reputed colleges and 10 years of international work experience. Click here to know more about the team. Having realized the potential of 3D printing to change the world, they all came together, started think3D and quickly scaled it up to be India’s largest 3D printing platform. Over the last 18 months think3D team gained immense expertise in this new technology. This is one constant feedback customers give about our think3D employees. There is immense focus on building know-how and technical competence in the company and that gets reflected in the advice we offer our clients and post sale support we provide to our customers. It isn’t rocket science to sell a product. We can sell any product by offering huge discounts but what is very difficult is to do perfect post-sale service. This requires expertise and think3D team has that adequate expertise.

(b) One stop shop for all 3D printing needs

We are a one stop shop for all 3D printing needs in India. For us, 3D printing is a full time occupation and thus we are able to offer entire gamut of 3D services to our customers. We sell all kinds of 3D printers, 3D filaments, 3D scanners; offer 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D design services and conduct regular trainings & workshops to spread awareness on 3D printing technology. So, as a customer you needn’t waste your valuable time looking for multiple vendors for multiple 3D printing requirements.

(c) 3D printing partner, not just a supplier

We love to call ourselves 3D printing partners, not suppliers. 3D printing technology is a very new technology and understandably many people don’t have a complete idea on this technology. Instead of exploiting this information gap to our benefit, we always try to fill that information gap by educating the customers on pros and cons of various machines, how 3D printing fits into their process, what can be and what can’t be 3D printed/3D scanned and how much value customers can gain out of incorporating 3D printing into their process. We put all the information on table and let our customers decide. Post sale, we send regular tips and tricks on preventive maintenance, latest happenings and how to get maximum value out of their purchase.

(d) Pan India presence

think3D has built a pan India presence to serve customers closer to their location. These aren’t franchisees or dealer networks but company owned offices staffed with company employees who are well trained on all aspects of 3D printing. This means we can provide better quality service to our customers with a quick turnaround time.

(e) Dedicated support staff

Unlike many other players, think3D has built a dedicated support staff just to provide post-sale service to all our customers. They are equipped with all the required tools, trainings and resources to offer seamless support to the customers. We have clearly defined SLAs on customer service and this immense focus on offering best quality post sale service has set up apart from other players. It has tremendously brought down the cost of owning 3D printers for customers. When we visited various clients (esp. academic institutions), we found expensive high end 3D printers just lying idle due to lack of post sale support. Being ardent lovers of 3D printing, it was troubling sight for us to see such dysfunctional printers and we decided that such scenario should never happen to think3D customers. You, as customer can take our word for this – We ensure your printers are running well all the time.

(f) Troubleshooting guides

At think3D, we strongly believe in documenting and sharing the know-how we have been building over time in 3D printing space. We constantly prepare/update troubleshooting guides and give free access to them to all our customers and also public. You can check the troubleshooting guides by clicking here. We also send regular tips and tricks to customers on preventive maintenance and on how they can get the best value out of their 3D printers.

(g) Dedicated mobile app

think3D has launched a dedicated mobile app for its users to install, browse various printers, scanners & filaments, reach out to think3D team and most importantly do live chat with the support staff and get resolution to their issues on a real time basis. There is a live chat in the mobile app and customers can directly contact our support staff through this application. Our support staff will respond immediately for live chat requests whereas for e-mails it takes 24 hours to resolve the issue.

(h) Free software tools

At think3D, we constantly build new software tools and give them free to our customers. These tools are meant to create a seamless experience when using 3D printers. We have come up with our own version of Cura called think3D Desktop and are giving it free of cost to our customers. Click here to download the software. We are now creating lots of videos, support manuals, help guides to make it very easy for customers to use the software. We are also coming up with a mobile app to provide instant trouble shooting guides and also customer support. Customers can interact directly with our support staff when operating the printer, share the printer/print pics and get instant support.

(i) Customer communication

At think3D, we have built an automated end-to-end workflow process to make the entire order processing seamless and devoid of slippages. Customers receive regular updates via e-mail and SMS on order status/support ticket status. This ensures seamless interaction between think3D team and customers thereby enhancing the quality of our mutual communication.