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Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Technology Overview

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Selective Laser sintering 3D Printing Technology

selective-laser-sintering-sls-(1)The process was developed and patented by Cral Deckard, an undergraduate student at university of texas and his mechanical engineer professor, Joe Beaman in the 1980s.

This process also uses high powered lasers which are potentially dangerous for office or private usage. This process is extremely beneficial for industries that require production of proto-types in a small quantity having high quality and intricate structures.
sls - selective laser sintering process The part to be made is modelled and sliced into layers and exported to stl format in softwares to prepare it for the build process.

In Selective Laser sintering (SLS) process, a computer controlled laser beam is pulsed down on a platform, that traces the cross section of objects into small particles of plastic, ceramic or glass. The laser heats the powder either below its boiling point or above the melting point so that the powder fuses together to form a solid structure. This process continues till the entire model is finished. This makes it a largely accepted process for creating proto-types as well as final products.
  • PA Nylon 12 - General purpose, rugged material
  • Nylon 12 GF - glass filled
  • Nylon 12 GF - aluminium filled
  • Nylon 12 HST - glass-fiber filled high strength
  • Typically used for applications that need strength and high accuracy. Used for functional prototyping and product fitment. Typical industries using FDM:
  • Manufacturing including automotive, dies and molds, aerospace etc
  • Complex art forms
  • Architecture
  • Health care
  • Concept models for retail and advertising
  • Education Models
  • Surface Finish
    Layer Resolution
    Post Processing
    Output Strength
    Output Colour
    Maximum part size
    File types required
    Minimum Wall thickness
    Minimum hole diameter
    Minimum emboss text size
    File types required
    Minimum Detail size
    SLS 3d printed intricate ballsls 3d printed-wikipedia_mini_globeSLS 3d-printed-gifts-trophy

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