10-Year Old Eva Wins Ph.D. Fellowship for Making 3D Printed Street Art Robot

10 -year old Eva from Paris, France has received a Ph.D. fellowship for a 3D robot she has developed. The robot is designed to make the streets of Paris look lively and catch the attention of people.

Eva submitted her application for the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship. This is a two-week long program in which Ph.D. students from various fields like engineering, designing, sciences, and research, take part. This program is organized by the agency Five by Five.

In her application, Eva has expressed her desire to create the street art robot and confessed her difficulty in executing the plan. She further said that the streets of Paris are sad and she wanted to make them happy. She was learning the code on Thymio robots but was facing some difficulties and wanted help by the mentors in the program. Five by Five founder Kat Borlogan was extremely impressed on reading the little girl’s application.

Eva’s original design was itself very impressive with 3D printed large wheels and a chalk holder for the Thymio robot. Borlogan shared Eva’s project on Facebook and received more than 40,000 shares, and replied to Eva’s letter stating she was chosen as the first Summer Program fellow.

Borlogan stated in her letter to Eva that though the program did not mention of the participation of a 10- year old child, but since Eva had admitted of the difficulties she was facing in completing the project, they had decided to help her out.

The robotics company Thymio, would appoint their President as a mentor to guide Eva in completing her project. Apart from the guidance, the company would also be providing their latest robot model to Eva for executing her project. So, now the streets of Paris will be happy indeed.

Source: 3ders.org

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