3D Knitted Flats Created From Recycled Water Bottles

Rothy’s- A San Francisco-based footwear company has launched a very interesting collection for the shoe lovers. The shoes are made with the recycled plastic bottles. It is quite fascinating for the buyers to wear a modified plastic bottle on their feet. An integrated processing method was used, in which PET plastic bottles are emerged into plastic yarn. They were further 3D knitted and a knot is created to give it a complete look of a shoe.
There are two types of shoes that have been created- pointed or flats. Both of them are created following the same mechanism. In the process, the caps and the labels of the bottles are removed and they have to go through under a hot washing process. After that, the plastic is cut into flakes and is melted into a filament fiber. It is then finished with wicking agent and kept away from the reach of moisture. With the help of 3D knitting machine, the yarn is shaped into a shoe. It takes not more than 6 minutes for the entire process. With the help of the heat, the product is set in a shoe mold. It has been informed that to create each pair of shoes, 2 recycled bottles are used.
It took the researchers at Rothy’s to create completely recycled shoes in which the upper part is created with 3d knitted technology. They have also been successful in creating carbon-free rubber outsoles. Once when you get bored of wearing the same pair of shoes, you don’t have to dispose them. These can be sent to Plusfoam who accept used shoes created by Rothy’s. Also, they have collaborated with the brand to supply them with the raw material for creating new shoes.
The chief creative officer at Rothy’s says that there is abundant of waste scrap that goes into landfills. The plastic doesn’t have to be dumped anymore as it will be used to create beautiful footwear.
The Rothy’s collection is available in 2 different styles and you can find 17 impressive color combinations to make the selection. The flats are available for $125 whereas the Point styles are available for $145 each pair. Also, you will find these shoes very comfortable and these can be used for routine outings.

Source: 3ders.org

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