3D Printed Chess With New Features Available in Market For Sale

AberuizDesign, a designer brand at ETSY has launched a special range of 3d printed chess sets. With these sets, you can relish playing the game as your most liked city of United States. The sets are created based on 6 U.S. cities. Some of the little modifications are done about the infrastructure of the cities.

Its really competitive to master the game of chess. But this designer has tried and revamped the game as much as possible. The kings and queens from the traditional chess have been replaced by the famous Skyscrapers of famed US cities. The selected cities for the game are Chicago, San Diego, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. All the famous buildings at these cities are converted and the game has been created with 3d printed material.

There is no denying the fact that it will be very difficult for the players about which skyscraper represents which piece. But, to make things easy for the players, there will be a guide that will assist. Also, due to its strategically playing, it will be more interesting for the players to go for matches. Each 3d printed chess sets with different cities are sold separately. The design of the chess has been retained in conventional black and white color.

The designing of the game is impeccably done. The monuments of the city will be put to work together towards checkmate and simultaneously the fresh typology can be admired. Buildings of the game are selected very carefully to make the game even interesting.

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