3D Printed Cow DNA, A Saviour for Vegan Diets

People on a vegan diet often crave for confectionaries to soothe their hungry palettes which longs for a bite of their favorite pizza, ice cream, and other dairy delights. So strong is the urge of some young professionals to include dairy in their diets that they have replicated the DNA of cows and 3D printed them. Perfect Day Foods is a venture of two young talents who have raised $4 million in investment for the 3D printing of this bovine DNA. This team is launching an ice cream for vegans who can finally enjoy eating their favourite desserts without any actual diary elements.

Perumal Gandhi and CEO Ryan Pandya are the two young entrepreneurs who have launched Perfect day dairy. This is an animal-free dairy which produces products as close to the real thing as possible.
These products are made with casein and whey which give almost the same taste, texture, and flavour like ‘real’ milk. Those people who are allergic to milk will have to abstain from this Perfect Dairy product. Research, however, is ongoing to create hypoallergic products which people with allergies can easily ingest.

This product is environment-friendly and leads to lesser water consumptions, has lesser land usage, and leads to lesser greenhouse emissions. As the Perfect Day team of workers are working laboriously to launch their product by the end of 2017. Items like yoghurt, cheese, pizza, chocolate milk, and ice cream are included in the list. The process to make a nutritious and safe dairy substitute, the team uses both yeast (called Buttercup) and fermenting processes which create the same end results like Cow proteins. Thereafter they mix other materials like plant-based sugars, minerals, and fats, creating delectable and tasty milk that will allow the vegans to indulge guilt-free.

Source: 3dprint.com

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