3D printed lamp ‘Lighest’ launched at Kickstarter campaign

Lightest is a 3D printed lamp that has been developed by a Barcelona-based start-up firm Base Forge. It has been featured in the Kickstarter campaign and has innumerable features. The lamp is capable of levitating and can be customized as per the personal requirements.

Lightest looks like a mysterious crystal ball and is a wireless lamp. It is secured with the help of magnets to levitate above the base. The lamp functions with the aid of induction, a method by which the electric current is transferred to the light.

The new light is a unique starter and can be controlled by a remote control. The user can also control the intensity of light and the color of the light he wishes to choose. The light shade too is detachable and can be replaced by a new shade when you get bored with the old one!

And if you do not like the orb shape of the lamp shade, you can choose a cone, pyramid, plant pot and innumerable other shapes. The glowing planter is an exciting version of the lampshade. It can be made to spin and rotate, and it is great to see a floating plant pot in the house!

The base of the lamp is made from recycled wood and is fitted with a battery. Users can either use a cable with a lamp or use a wireless connection. Hence the ‘Lighest’ can be used in outdoor spaces for parties and picnics. The light has a life of 50000 hours and works at 120 Lumens. The Kickstarter campaign was launched on 1st November. It hopes to raise € 60,000 by December 11, 2016. Early birds will get an early deal of € 140. A ‘Lightest Maker Kit’ is also available for €120.

Source: 3ders.org

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