3D printed Mannequins to Rock the Floors of Long Tall Sally

The sizes of the clothes in the fashion industry have always been creating a problem. There are brands that have been targeting the taller women. Therefore, the routine women have to suffer a dramatic loss in the fashion world. Same used to happen at Long Tall Sally as they used to focus on the clothing of taller women. But from the recent reports, it has been said that the brand has taken their business at a different level in which, they has focused on creating sizes for women of all sizes. To be more accurate, they created a 3d scanned mannequin in a size of one of their clients.

It has been some time since Long Tall Sally is ahead of the mannequin curve. They basically feature clothing products for the women who are at least 5’8” taller. Thus, the products are crafted to fit the taller women. But now, they have experimented something interesting with which, they created a mannequin that is more of the size and shape of an actual person. The taller mannequins helped this brand to rock the plus sizes for the longest period. But thanks to this amazing 3d printed mannequin, every customer can easily locate their size from the size of the mannequin.

Basically, mannequins in the stores don’t give a realistic look and thus, at times you might not find the cloth attractive enough to buy. With the help of 3d printed mannequins, you can now come to a suitable conclusion and thus, these also give a more live look to the stores in the market. Happy Shopping!

Source: 3ders.org

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