3D printed news this week, December 2016

This December, though the majority of the 3D printing world remained subdued there was 3D printing news around the NASA front and a few other 3D printing companies.

NASA and Vector test 3D printed injector
NASA and Vector teamed up to design and test the injector as part of the NASA Science, Technology, and Mission Directorate (STMD) Flight Opportunities. This program extends research labs into space environments by collaborating with small satellite launching companies.

Nano Dimension designs PCB 3D printer
Nano Dimension is an Israeli world leader in circuit board 3D printing. It has already been delivering its Dragonfly 2020 PCB 3D printer to customers. On Thursday, the company announced it had delivered its PCB 3D printer to “one of the top 10 largest defense companies in the world.” This company is in the United States and as per reports, projects annual revenues of more than 20 billion dollars and is a world leader in supplying advanced defense systems.

Concept Laser teams up with ADAPT
German additive manufacturing company Concept Laser is focusing on metal shapes and sizes under the leadership of its new owner, GE. On Thursday, the announcement came in that Concept Laser had partnered with ADAPT, the Alliance for the Development of Additive Processing Technologies. This research consortium focuses on developing technologies to speed up the certification and qualification of 3D printed metal parts.

MachineWorks and Stratasys partner for Polygonica 3D printing software
MachineWorks is a Sheffield-based software developer that is teaming up with Stratasys to integrate MachineWorks’ Polygonica software inside Stratasys GrabCAD Print. The Polygonica mesh libraries will enable enabling automatic mesh repair, Boolean operations, mesh offsetting, and analysis operations.

Xaar launches 3D printing center in Nottingham
Xaar is a Cambraidge-headquartered listed group that supplies industrial inkjet printheads. It announced on Thursday that it will open a 3D printing unit in January 2017, in Nottingham, UK. This 3D Centre will provide 3D printing facilities to manufacturers, suppliers, and end users. Xaar has engaged extra manpower for improving its 3D printing operations in Copenhagen, Denmark.

XYZprinting 3D printers stocked by BestBuy
Toy retailer Toys R Us had announced two months back that it would begin stocking the family-friendly da Vinci miniMaker, which costs just $249 of the XYZprinting 3D printers. Best Buy is a consumer electronics company that will stock the slightly more advanced da Vinci Mini 3D printer, $289. This printer belongs to the immensely popular line of FDM 3D printers.

3D printed golf club
CRP Group and CRP USA will be showcasing the “smart club” at CES, in partnership with Energica Motor Company INC. The 3D printed “Smart Club,” will be released in 2017, is made from 100% Windform high-performance composite materials.

Source: 3ders.org

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