3D Printed Sculpture Highlights the Rising Housing Prices in San Francisco

With the growth in Technology and its related services in the Bay area of San Fransisco, the property prices have escalated at a manifold rate. A data artist and programmer named Doug Mc Cune has made a 3D printed sculpture which highlights the rising prices in this area.

The 3D printed sculpture is a unique representation of the San Fransisco area. The recent home data have been compiled and the height of each area has been decided by the average price per square foot. For areas in San Fransisco where property prices have risen sharply, the sculpture has been split apart to highlight the divide.

Mc Cune has sourced the data from Redfn and showcases 50000 exhibits in San Fransisco recently. The different property depictions have been colored differently. These were then clubbed into hexagons and the difference in prices was shown on the basis of number and color.

This hexagonal map was then converted to a 3D model by a slight variation of the ‘shp2stl code’. This code was created by Mc Cune on his Github Page.

The regions connected together were defined by thresholds and the varied price areas were then split away. This created a spiral version of the map. The sculpture was developed using the Type A Machines Series 1 3D printer. It is12 inches high, and 36 hours were spent on 3D printing the sculpture. Due to the spiral shape of the structure, McCune had to use bulky support structures during the 3D printing. And after these supports were taken out, McCune then had to find a way to keep the 3D printed sculpture stable. He thus used the mesh of the base of the sculpture model to form the top of the foundation, thereby which the sculpture fit perfectly into the stand.

Mc Cune has made a rough data and the 3D printed model and stand can be downloaded at Github. The sculpture gives an in-depth knowledge about the escalated real estate rates in San Fransisco.

Source: 3dprint.com

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