3D Printed Toilets Unveiled in the Da Yang Mountains of China

3D printing company WinSun has designed and printed luxurious villas and apartments in the surrounding areas of the Da Yang Mountains of China. They have recently set up a series of 3D printed toilet which will be shortly unveiled in Suzhou, China. These restrooms are intricately designed and 3D printed giving the toilets a unique and interesting look.

The toilet revolution has been in the lineup for a long time and therefore the National Tourism Bureau in China decided to take this initiative of making upscale public toilets. China hosted a 3D printed portable toilet exhibition a year back, where the designers got to showcase their toilet designs.

These toilets were designed in sync with the scenic views of the mountains. The restrooms are designed with alignment to each other and are well decorated giving the restrooms a nice and decorated look. Instead of the traditional porta-potties in blue, the restrooms are cohesively designed and surrounded by bright 3D Gingko leaves.

The Da Yang Mountains in the Suzhou area are very popular tourist destinations where hundreds of tourists flock to every year. The whole site of the restrooms, from the interior to the exteriors, is 3D printed. Some parts of the 3D printed toilets were printed in the factory of the WinSun and transported to the site, where they were assembled and installed. A single crane and just 3 workers were required for the installation of the toilet equipment. The company has also made 3D parts of the drainage system in the Da Yang Mountains. The company has previously been engaged in the construction of drainage system parts like water supply, drainage, water supply, landscaping, underground drainage supply and more. These toilets could serve as an example for other construction sites to follow.

Source: 3ders.org

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